Professional Bird Abatement

Professional Falconry Bird Abatement is the practice of using the Falcon and or Hawk to scare the nuisance bird population from the area. Many industries can be affected by nuisance bird issues from residential properties to industries, resorts to amusement parks, and public places to refineries. Nuisance birds include sparrows, starlings, pigeons and other various species. Falconry bird abatement allows for a natural removal of the nuisance birds and protection for the people, property or products produced at many industries. Falconry-based bird abatement is quiet, discrete, organic, eco-friendly and very sustainable.  All our birds are equipped with GPS tracking!

Industries often served by Falconry Bird Abatement are:
• Refineries • Airports • Landfills • Resorts • Wineries
• Amusement Parks • Mines • Mills • Large Malls and more.

 We can provide Falconry Bird Abatement Services throughout all Counties in Tennessee and beyond!